Improving a £15 Guitar Pedal Board with simple DIY tools and two bolts!

**Disclaimer: Don’t attempt this yourself unless you are confident using power tools and handling sharp metal. I take no responsibility for people who somehow manage to hurt themselves undertaking DIY tasks.**

I picked up this cheap guitar pedal board from *a popular Internet auction site* for a mere £15, and as one might expect – the build quality is very poor.

It’s not flat, it rattles, and the flat board configuration (i.e. no raised back or two tiers) makes controlling the pedals at the back more difficult (if you want to avoid mashing the controls on the front-row pedals).

In this video I’ll address these issues – by drilling two sets of large holes for some M8 bolts I can shake out the metal swarf that’s rattling around in there, attach some simple height-adjustable legs, and correct the warped geometry by setting one leg ever so slightly different to the other. This will also give me room to attach a pedal power supply underneath, but I won’t do that in this video.

The board came with some hook and loop tape, so I’ll apply that, and then throw on a few pedals to show you how it looks and how many pedals you can expect to reasonably fit on one of these boards.

My recommendation, if you have the cash, is to just buy a good quality board and spare yourself the trouble of messing around with this. In all likelihood the bolts would give way if you started stomping heavily on this thing…

Note the inclusion of some random royalty-free music at the end to cover the high pitched breathing noises caused by speeding up the video so much 🙂

I hope you enjoy the video and that it gives you some inspiration for improving your own boards.