New track on Youtube: “Anna ni Issho Datta no ni”

Hi all, I hope you’re safe and well. Here’s something I’ve been working on for the last day or so, while sitting at home basking in this glorious UK sunshine

I’ve had the melody of this tune playing in my head for the last 18 years or so (it’s very catchy!), and I’ve always thought it’d work well as a piano piece. It’s the ending music from a TV show I watched as a kid, and this is my interpretation.

I hope you enjoy the piece.

This track was originally recorded by the Japanese artist See-Saw, and featured during the end credits on the anime series Gundam SEED.

“Coming Home (Live)” now available on Youtube

A second clip from ‘An Evening with Matt Stevenson’ live at The Core @ Corby Cube has been released to Youtube. This time featuring Elio Andrade on vocals, this song was originally written by Timo Tolkki and recorded by Stratovarius on their 1997 “Visions” album.

This has always been a favourite of mine, and exemplifies the quality of Tolkki’s work while he was with the band Stratovarius. My version, whilst different from the original, aims to strike a strong contrast between the longing of the lyrics in the early verses and the certainty of the lyrics immediately before the guitar solo. As the solo begins, the song transforms from delicate ballad into something much more powerful!
This was a real joy to perform, and I hope that you enjoy listening to it – Matt.

“All the trust that was built along the years
Is coming back to stay.
I know, just look ahead, the road is free,
I’m coming home.”